Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Technical Side – How To Capture Numbers And Send Out Mass Sms Messages

In order to build your SMS opt-in list you are going to need some type of management software, that can store your numbers and allow you to send out mass text messages. There are several services that do this, but they like to charge money to handle your text messaging. You don’t have to pay if you know the simple work around.

Email to SMS for Easy Mass Texting

When you think of sending out mass texts you might think that you need to have a phone full of all the numbers on your SMS list, and then manually enter each number and use the phone itself to send the message. While you could do it this way, it is very cumbersome, time consuming, and it will cost a lot of money if you are not on an unlimited texting plan.

There is an easier way to do it though. You can send mass text messages using email. You see, nearly every wireless carrier has an eMail to SMS service, called an SMS gateway, that they provide for free to all of their users. This allows people without access to mobile devices to still contact their friends, family, and associates via texting. However, we as marketers can use this same service to send out SMS text messages to our marketing lists.

It works very simple. Each carrier has a specific website for their SMS gateway. For instance, the website for Verizon wireless customers that does is http://vtext.com/. So if we want to send a text message to a Verizon phone from email all we need to do is email them at mobilephonenumber@vtext.com. All we have to do is have some software that captures the phone number and places them with the correct carrier, and then allows us to mass text these numbers at our convenience. Of course, I’m about to share it with you.

Wordpress Text Message – The Ultimate FREE SMS Marketing Plugin This plugin allows people to subscribe to SMS text message updates of your web site, but more important it allows you to manually send out texts to your SMS list. The plugin works from a widget that you can use in your sidebar or any digitized area or your theme, also has the ability to use a short code if you don't want to use the widget. That way you can add the subscriber signup form to any page or post. That means that it will work nicely with any of the responsive Wordpress themes mentioned earlier!

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