Facebook Hold A Major Press Event on Tuesday About New Facebook Phone or Mobile OS

As reported, Facebook is inviting global presses to hold a press event on Tuesday while an event in London is running simultaneously.

Lindsay Lohan willingly under 'house arrest'

The actress is two weeks from the end of her probation period - which is connected to her 2007 arrest for driving under the influence

Google launches 'scan and match' music service

Google is popping over a scan and match'' support for Google Tunes end users to store copies in their songs online, providing at no cost what Apple fees $25 a 12 months for.

Pepsi Revives Michael Jackson in Marketing Campaign

PepsiCo Inc. is resurrecting Michael Jackson to try to pump life into its flagship cola, three years after the singer's death and greater than a quarter century.

Four Journalists Murdered in Mexico in a week

The morning just after attending a panel discussion with regard to the murders of Mexican journalists I am sad to report a lot more killings.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Nexus 7 with Faster Speed Is Going to Be on Sale Next Week

The World News:- Google unveiled the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday. The Nexus 7 2nd generation is going to be on sale in the coming week. The New Nexus 7 has doubled its RAM and the CPU will be twice as fast as the previous Nexus 7.
Google Unveiled the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday
Google has finally unveiled this Nexus 7 2nd generation which the customers has been waiting for a long time. This New Nexus 7keeps the dimensions as the previous Nexus 7, but has a higher resolution of 1920*1200 with the 7-inch screen, and the PPI is 323 pixels, which means the Nexus 7 2nd generation users will have a better visual experience than the previous Nexus 7. Google improved the RAM of New Nexus 7 to 2GB, and the CPU uses a quad-core Qualcomm Snap Dragon S4 Pro processor, so everything runs faster than the previous Nexus 7. The operating system of this tablet is Android Jelly Bean 4.3, the latest version of Android OS. Google also claimed that they had made an improvement on the speaker performance so that the Nexus 7 2nd generation can last nine hours for a high definition video. The Wi-Fi versions of New Nexus 7 will be on available on the 30th and the 4G LTE version will be on sale in the coming weeks.
The New Nexus 7 Front
The senior vice president of Google, Pichai says, “By the end of 2013, consumers are going to buy more tablets every year than personal computers.” It is reasonable for him to say like that. As Apple has started a revolution of the tablet market, more and more users choose the tablets for daily uses. But Apple still pays their attentions to the senior consumers and the price of iPad somewhat keeps high. But the Nexus 7 2nd generation, the New Nexus 7 16GB version will be only $229.99 when it is on sale next week. That price is attractive to most of the tablet consumers. And the high-speed development of communication is another reason. Wi-Fi has been widely used all over the world, and the 4G communication is just approaching. So a tablet which can be used over Wi-Fi will be popular for sure. The New Nexus 7, which allows Wi-Fi and mobile data only, will meet the consumers’ needs well in the competitions of tablet market.
The Nexus 7 2nd generation uses the HD IPS screen as the previous Nexus 7 does, which provides natural images with accuracy. If users transfer movies from iPad mini to Nexus 7 2nd, they will be surprised by the wonderful visual experience the New Nexus 7 provides.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How BlackBerry 8800 Saved My Job and Long Distance Relationship

Social Media and Smartphones

The World News:- And how l learn to leverage the power and benefits of the BlackBerry 8800.
One of the greatest paradoxes of our time is that social media and smartphones contribute to distance people who are close; yet, they make people who are far away feel much closer. Is this a bad thing? Let me tell you my story, if you’d like to read.

Undeniably Functional and Convenient

When it comes to high-tech, I don’t consider myself an early adopter. Actually, I got my first smartphone only three years ago. My company, headquartered in Canada, bought me a BlackBerry 8800, a corporate phone. It was tricky. On one hand, I had unlimited access to work emails and my bosses could reach me at any time via BBM, so work wise, it was undeniably functional and convenient. Now, on the personal side, it got to be a bit overwhelming. Ever since the moment I was turning off the alarm clock in the morning I couldn't keep myself from seeing my work email notifications –even on weekends! Same thing during leisure time. I couldn't disconnect from work, literally. So it got to a point where I thought I didn't have a ‘mobile phone’ but a ‘mobile office.’ And that, my friends, is not fun.

BlackBerry 8800 Ringtones

I realized what the ‘catch’ was, I knew I had to do something about it.
One day, I got to discover BlackBerry 8800 ringtones and my whole predisposition about the smartphone changed. That discovery became a major turning point for me. I really started to have fun with the process. I would invest so much time on searching for my favorite songs or the hottest hits. I’d include my favorite tunes for incoming calls, choosing different tunes for each group of contacts: family members, colleagues, neighbors, friends from college, friends with benefits –just kidding…sort of! The most important thing is that my emotions towards the smartphone completely shifted –it was not a ‘mobile office’ anymore, yet, it also made me feel motivated about work.

BlackBerry 8800 Themes

After the ringtones, BlackBerry 8800 themes followed. My phone became the perfect extension of my personality. It took a while, but I had fun with the process –that’s all it matters.
But I really got to take my BlackBerry experience to the next level was when I got to meet someone ‘especial.’ Let me elaborate.

Random Encounter with Cute Dutch

I was travelling on my own through Rhode Island, when I met this cute guy from Netherlands. We spent a few days together as he was also travelling and had a great time. We had to say good bye as I was going back home to Chicago and he was returning to Amsterdam, not before we exchanged our PIN numbers–can you believe we had the same phone? Anyway. I kept doing my thing in Chicago while he was doing his in Amsterdam. But my life never got to be the same after that random encounter with that cute Dutch. We chatted every day. Before we knew it, we found ourselves immersed in a long distance relationship. I still remember the day that he created two BlackBerry 8800 wallpapers so that we could both display them.

My Bosses in Toronto and my Love in Amsterdam

Let’s just say that two of the most important things in my life –my bosses in Toronto and my love in Amsterdam- were far away and only my smartphone could make me feel closer to them.
I have to admit that this was not easy to handle for my Chicago friends and family. They saw me getting a bit consumed by the long distance –especially with my boyfriend. We managed to travel back and forth four times a year during a year, but now, I am happy to announce you that we have successfully ended our long-distance relationship! He just moved to Chicago and we are now living together! So it all worked out eventually!

What’s your BlackBerry Story?

I learned my lesson. High-tech devices are what you want them to be and represent what you want them to represent.
So, what’s your BlackBerry story?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Facebook Timeline - Using Social Media

The World News:- There is no denying that social media is massive nowadays. In fact, almost everybody, both young and old has access to a Facebook account. In addition to this, any business who wants to actually take themselves forward needs to have a Facebook page. It doesn't matter whether they are a company operating in the local area or a much larger enterprise, without an account on Facebook they really are holding themselves back. On this page I want to take a little look at how you can use simple images to help develop an online identity using Facebook Graphics.
Now that is cleared up, let's veer away from Facebook ever so slightly. I am sure you know this already, but one of the best ways to increase your ranking through the search engines is through Social Networking. That doesn't mean you should be sitting on Facebook every single day posting link after link though. Instead, you should let people share content for you. This means they hop on over to your website, feast their eyes upon something that they absolutely love and then just hit the Social Media Icons that they want, sharing it with their friends and family. This is instantly going to boost your social media reputation, and perhaps bring in a number of brand new customers as a result.

Before we delve into using Facebook graphics though, lets consider for a second why it is so important that a business has a Facebook profile nowadays. To put it simply, it allows you to connect with your customers. That's all there is to it, by having a social media page, you are giving customers the chance to engage with you on a personal level and give you their feedback. It also works as a great marketing tool, as the majority of the people who are going to 'like' you on Facebook are of course going to be customers, or potential customers. This makes them incredibly simple to sell to. In addition to that, effective social media can also give a nice little boost to your search engine rankings, which could bring in even more business. Now, before you start to dream big though, you need to realize that you are going to need to entice people to actually want to look at your social media page, and changing the graphics is one of the main things to do.
Perhaps one of the most controversial updates in recent years to Facebook was the addition of the Facebook Timeline. Part of the reason for this is that people absolutely loathe change, especially to something they were very familiar with. In my opinion though, the addition of the Facebook Timeline works wonders for businesses as it is far simpler to introduce 'brand recognition' to your social media campaign. Perhaps the most useful feature, and yet something that very few businesses utilize to its full potential, is the cover photo. This sits at the top of your Facebook Business Page, and you can put any message that you want here, providing it is in line with the rules put in place by Facebook. This means that you can easily set your page apart from the plethora of other ones on Facebook, and really start to boost recognition of your brand.
Now, there are plenty of people out there who invest in designers to create their timeline images for them, which can be expensive. I don't think this is necessary though. You can save a considerable amount of money by finding a company which offers downloadable Facebook art where you have to do nothing more than change a couple of pieces of information. They are easy to customize too, if you wish to inject a tiny bit more personality into them.
I believe the key to building up brand recognition through social media is to ensure that you always stick to the same basic theme for your image. There are plenty of people who change them every single week, and this is just going to cause people to get confused. Yes, you can change your message that your Timeline Art displays, but make sure you always stick to the same theme. Honestly, your brand will benefit a lot as a result. If you do want to test different styles, test them on another account, or when you first start ... before your brand becomes established.
Don't forget, you can also download Facebook Timeline Images to put up on your personal page as well. Remember, your personal page is going to be a reflection of your personality, so when you are choosing those Facebook graphics, make sure that you are choosing ones which are in line with who you are as a person. If you can find a website with a huge array of timeline images to choose from, you shouldn't have too much of a problem finding one you like and that reflects your personality.
Of course, to make all this work, you are going to need to have a good collection of social media icon buttons on your site. These buttons are something which need to stand out in order to entice people to click on them, although of course they shouldn't be too overpowering as this could put people off! (don't you just hate those persistent popups!?). I suggest taking a browse through a collection of social media icon buttons, a great deal of which can be found online at affordable prices (ones that haven't been used on hundreds of thousands of sites), and choose ones which suit the niche that you are working in, as well as the overall design of your website. Choose well, because if you can make social media work, then you will see business increase, and you may even find yourself climbing up those search engine rankings.
It doesn't matter if you are an individual or a company, there is a whole plethora of Facebook Timeline graphics and social media icon buttons to out there. Why not check a few of them out? Honestly, this is probably one of the best ways to boost your brand identity through social media. This is because not only is it simple to do, but it is also very cost effective. I've been using social media for a while now and am often still surprised by how effective it can be!

Is The USA Doomed As History Repeats Itself?

"Doom" has a religious color; history is unique

The World News:- Milleramanda53 asked this question: "Are we doomed as a society for history to constantly repeat itself?"
In her profile, I find that milleramanda53 is from Florida, USA so I presume that when she says "Are we..." she is referring to the USA.
We register our reaction to the question as an outsider. We focus our discussion on the concepts "doom" and "history repeats itself."

“Doom” is a term with a religious connotation. It has elements of predestination and as a form of punishment. Doomed indicates failure on the part of the perpetrator; it is a judgment with accompanying sufferance. This judgment is passed upon accumulated misdeeds.
As a nation what could have been the misdeeds of USA?
Let’s start with the history of USA since 1783 when the 13 former British colonies gained their independence from the British empire.
Misdeed on Mexico
The occupation and grabbing of part of Mexico can be considered a misdeed of USA. That grabbing is called the American-Mexican war where the American army was victorious under the command of Gen. Zachary Taylor. That part of Mexico now comprises one-third of the contiguous territory of USA.
[Taylor himself would become president of USA. Under his command were soldiers who became prominent in the USA history: Jefferson Davis (then a colonel) who became president of the Confederate States of America; Gen. Winfield Scott who became chief of staff of the armed forces until the presidency of Lincoln; Gen. George McClellan who became commander of the North army in the American Civil War; Gen. Robert Lee who became commander of the South army under Davis; Gen. Ulysses Grant who became commander of the North army during the American civil war].
Misdeed on the Philippines
Another misdeed of USA is the conquest of the Philippines in 1899 to make it its first territory of its empire in the far east and as a jumping board to the great China market. The Filipino revolutionary leaders who were in exile in Hong Kong met with Admiral George Dewey. The Filipinos had the impression that the Americans were defenders of freedom. There was an understanding between Dewey and the Filipinos in exile that the Dewey would help in the fight for freedom of the Filipinos from Spain.
Upon their return the exiled Filipino leaders, with purchased arms, reactivated the armed revolution against Spain. They went as far as surrounding Manila, the capital of the Philippines and were about to capture the Spanish officials. Before they could do that, there was a battle between the USA navy under Dewey and the Spanish navy in Manila bay resulting in the defeat of the Spaniards. This was a mock battle because the Americans bought the Philippines from Spain. The point is that the Filipinos had virtually captured the Spaniards. That purchase was a ruse on the part of USA to make the Philippines its territory. Having realized the betrayal on the part of USA, the Filipinos went on to proclaim independence, lead by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavity on June 12,1898. The following year, Filipino leaders met in the first Philippine congress in Barasoain church in Malolos, Bulacan.
When the Americans started to implement their purchase of the Philippines, the Philippine-American war broke out. There was a great debate in USA whether to annex the Philippines or not. Mark Twain joined the debate against the taking of the islands. He said that if the annexation were for the enlightenment of the Filipinos he would go for it but if it were for business interest he would go against it. The business interests won.
The next misdeed of the USA against the Philippines is by turning this nation its neocolony. Filipino leaders were able to work out a peaceful way to independence where US control over the islands would end on July 4,1945. That was delayed to July 4,1946 because of the intervening World War II. That war saw the defeat of Japan, liberation of Korea from Japan, and support of the USA for Gen. Chiang Kai-shek, leader of Nationalist China that was pro-feudalism.
In post-WWII, the USA had some policies as follows:
“If conservative nationalists likely to shift the economic assets of a new state from the old colonial power toward the United States dominated the resistance, as in Dutch East Indies, Washington was anti colonial and pro-independence. Where, on the other hand, the Left controlled the resistance and had a mass base, the United States recommended trusteeship or a prolonged but ‘liberalized’ continuation of colonialism, as in Indochina and Korea” (Kolko, J. and G. Kolko. “Korea, 1945-1948: The American Way of Liberation.” The Limits of Power. 1972: 277-299).
In the Philippines, along these policies, the Americans dismantled the leadership of some groups. During the Japanese occupation, some patriotic Filipinos in central Luzon organized the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Army of the country against the Japanese) monickered “Hukbalahap.” This group had carried out some redistribution of land so acquired during the Spanish regime. They leaned toward the Marxist-Leninist ideology. In the first free election after the Japanese occupation, they had candidates who ran for Congress and won. These were charged with some contrived crimes like collaboration with the Japanese, and electoral fraud then tried, convicted, and imprisoned.
The USA pressured the Philippines to amend its constitution to allow Americans to exploit natural resources and engage in retail trade. Also the Americans were allowed to maintain military bases that were eventually terminated in 1990. Trade quotas were also imposed on some Philippine export items such that the economy would be tied up with the USA.
Misdeed on Korea
Another misdeed of USA is the destruction of Korea in a proxy war as part of the Cold War. During the Korean war (1950-53) the USA served as caretaker of the United Nations army; subsumed the South Korean army and provided the commander of these coalition. Gen. Douglas MacArthur was the first commander, succeeded by Gen. Bradley. The Americans bombed every building in the South and North Korea that could be used as shelter by the North Koreans (same source as above).
Misdeed on its allies in Europe
There are more misdeeds committed by the USA like the shaping of the economies of Europe after WWII to its advantage. This was an exercise in power that the USA acquired as a result of WWII. USA was the only source of credit at that time. In the loans under Marshal plan I and II, a country that applied for a loan of say, US$ 1 billion, would have to put a counterpart of US$ 1 billion to make the whole package US$ 2 billion. The latter was charged an interest of 5% that belonged to USA. In effect, the borrower was paying interest on his counterpart of US$1 billion.
France, Great Britain and other European countries who were allies in the war effort to defeat Hitler’s Germany were not spared of Marshal plan loan scheme.
Misdeed of USA upon itself
If it is any commiseration or expiation on the part of USA, it has committed misdeeds upon itself. For example, conveying to private business the power to control the economy of the USA through the Federal ‘Reserve Bank. Today if the chairman of the Fed raised the interest rate by 1% the president of USA has nothing to do with this decision. The president cannot abrogate it if it proves to be detrimental to the USA economy.
The agnostic or the scientist or the modern executive will not agree with the concept of “doom,” especially if it has a religious connotation.
History repeats itself?
There are no laws of history as history is not a science. It belongs in the humanities according to a Filipino historian, Teodoro A. Agoncillo, author of “A History of the Filipino People,” published in 1990.
Every event in history is unique, as every flow of blood in an artery is unique, or the flow of flood waters is unique.
The psychology of man may follow a pattern and that pattern could be repeated. The craving for food is repeated often enough during the lifetime of man/woman. Of course a law in psychology is not a law in history.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

3 Best Pure Android Phones Right Now

The World News:- There are a variety of Android mobile phones in the market. While many offer the basic Android OS experience with their own skin (user interface) over the OS interface, there are still some other phones launched till date, attempting to offer users the pure Android experience. Apart from Google offering the pure Android mobile OS on its Nexus range of devices, many giants have started to offer pure Android on their flagship models. For example, Samsung chucked out its Nature TouchWiz user interface for a pure Android phone. HTC throws away its Sense user interface for a pure Google version. Many others are in queue to launch their pure Android avatars this year.
So, currently if you are looking for a list of the most appealing mobile phones that rock pure, stock Android, you will find the answer here. In the following, 3 best pure Android phones to date will be shared.

HTC One Google Play Edition
If you ask me which phone is the current king of stock Android smartphone, no doubt HTC One Google Play Edition takes that honor. The all metallic stunning HTC One finally went for a special pure Android edition. It’s an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Phone, coming with 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD 3 display, quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz supported by an Adreno 320 graphics processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage. It has been in news for its 4 megapixel HTC UltraPixel camera on back. Both of its primary and secondary cameras are capable of recording 1080p full HD videos. Its powerful speakers are icing on the cake.
Price and Shipment: HTC One Google Play Edition is priced at $599. It makes available in the US only through Google’s online Play store. Shipment is expected by July 9, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition
When it comes to the best pure Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition should be mentioned. The S4 Google Edition is announced at the Google I/O this year, combing stock Android with the S4′s powerful hardware for Android purists. You can get the same 5-inch 1080p display, sharp 13-MP camera, speedy quad-core processor, a removable battery and SD card slot for extra expansion, plus the benefit of getting software straight from Google – no carrier intervention required. Of course, you will never find Samsung’s unique software features like eye scanning, gesture based input, etc. on this S4 Google Edition.
Price and Shipment: You have to pay $649 to get a S4 Google Edition. The shipment is the same as HTC One Google Edition – July 9, 2013.

LG Nexus 4
The Nexus 4 always runs out of the stock, but that also shows how popular the phone it is. The Nexus 4 made a great success, thanks to its pure Android experience, competitive price and high-end hardware features packed. Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 4 is driven by a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU. The handset will be first in line to receive fresh Android updates, just along with HTC One Google Play Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. One shortcut is Nexus 4 lack of 4G LTE support.
Besides above, we might soon see a Google Edition of Sony’s flagship Xperia Z launched this year. It’s speculated that Google might bring the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to the new phone, and the phone is expected to be announced this July.
So which one is your favorite pure Android phone? Welcome to share your ideas.