Facebook Hold A Major Press Event on Tuesday About New Facebook Phone or Mobile OS

As reported, Facebook is inviting global presses to hold a press event on Tuesday while an event in London is running simultaneously.

Lindsay Lohan willingly under 'house arrest'

The actress is two weeks from the end of her probation period - which is connected to her 2007 arrest for driving under the influence

Google launches 'scan and match' music service

Google is popping over a scan and match'' support for Google Tunes end users to store copies in their songs online, providing at no cost what Apple fees $25 a 12 months for.

Pepsi Revives Michael Jackson in Marketing Campaign

PepsiCo Inc. is resurrecting Michael Jackson to try to pump life into its flagship cola, three years after the singer's death and greater than a quarter century.

Four Journalists Murdered in Mexico in a week

The morning just after attending a panel discussion with regard to the murders of Mexican journalists I am sad to report a lot more killings.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Top 5 Free Security Apps for Android in 2013

As far as smartphones and tablets are concerned, it can often seem as if it is Apple’s world and we are all just living in it. But for consumers to blindly resign themselves to iOS’ seemingly inevitable dominance is to miss some new and exciting shifts in the handheld landscape. For example, according to statistics released by Adfonic, Android is the most popular smartphone platform throughout the world, representing 46% of the market share compared with Apple’s 34%.

And in this brave new world of Android superiority, new security software is in high demand. To this end, a number of new security apps have hit the scene that are guaranteed to make malware producers quake in their ergonomically correct computer chairs. Here are just a few free (or nearly free) security apps that should prove very popular in 2013.

Webroot - free

AV-Test rates Webroot as the top security app around. Its new security features are nothing to sneeze at either. The “device scream” interface allows for smooth and seamless functionality and its theft-protection features include GPS location, data wipe as well as a remote admin interface. This enhanced and updated version also allows for more flexible security via its career IQ software, which protects the device from dubious updates and harmful mobile data.

Lookout Security & Antivirus – free limited version

Lookout was one of Android’s flagship security programs, and it should continue to be popular in the coming year. This is because – even in its free, limited form – it offers solid security features. Besides anti-virus and scheduled scanning, Lookout provides a remote locator as well as remote alarm activation. The app also allows the user to backup contact data and automatically upload it to an existing or new device.

ESET – free 30-day trial

Those who want to ensure complete privacy and security during online banking and shopping transactions could do worse than ESET’s mobile app. Its myriad features include SMS and MMS filtering as well as a remote-locking password and comprehensive security auditing. The anti-theft also helps the owner locate his or her device in the vent of theft.

Avast Mobile Security – free

This is another quality security app for Android with an equally strong anti-theft component. The security portion of the app provides users with anti-virus protection as well as an app scanner that provides details on app activity at any given time. It also comes with a web shield that scans URLs for malware. As for the anti-theft, Avast allows users to remotely control their smartphones via text. In this manner, users can send a text instructing the handheld to shut off, lock, wipe data or sound an alarm. Users can also lock their SIM cards and prevent USB debugging.

Norton Anti-Virus & Security – free limited version

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the most trusted names in computer security now has an equally popular Android app. The free version offers limited functionality that includes anti-virus protection and scan support as well as password options and a remote-lock service.

Any one of the above options should provide ample security for a person’s Android handheld. And those who upgrade to the monthly plans for paid apps such as Norton, ESET and Lookout will likely never need another security app as long as they own their device.

Super Simple Ways that You Can Save Money

Saving money has always been a bane for me – it was when I was a child (and I know you share the same sentiments as I do). But now that we are older and society seemed to have dictated that we should save, perhaps it is about time that we start doing so. It might not look like it but saving money is actually possible. You just have to take that first step (this is the hardest one, you guys). But once you have gone through that hurdle, you will soon find yourself surprised that your piggy bank has grown fat and heavy.
To help you out, take a look at 50 things that you can do right now to start saving. These are all very simple tactics – trust me – so anyone can do these. Some will even just take a few minutes of your very precious time (I am being sarcastic here). They all might seem very small but when combined with the others, you can save so much money now.

  1. Switch bank accounts to bank that respects you. Do not spend your money on high maintenance fees. Seriously, you should be earning and not paying.
  2. Turn of the television. There will be fewer ads to get tempted to buy and more time to relax and unwind. You’re welcome.
  3. Turn a critical eye on your collections. Could you trim down your expenditures on your collections and save the money instead?
  4. Sign up for free customer rewards. Having a rewards card will give you access to discounts and coupons (discounts and coupons = less spending).
  5. Make your own gifts. Rather than buying from the store, give a homemade touch to your presents by making them on your own.
  6. Master the 30-day rule. If you want to make an unnecessary purchase, wait for 30 days then ask if you still want that item.
  7. Write a shopping list and stick to it. Never go into a store without a strong idea of what you should buy. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying whatever takes your fancy.
  8. Invite friends over rather than going out. Almost all activities done at home is less expensive than doing it outside.
  9. Repair damaged clothing. Simple sewing can be done by anyone. It would be shame to throw a shirt (and borderline stupid) just because it has a missing button, right?
  10. Do not spend too much to entertain the kids. Children can be entertained cheaply. Let their imagination handle it.
  11. Ask for a rate reduction from your credit card company. Tell that you want a rate reduction or you’ll switch banks. Nothing will scare them more than losing a customer.
  12. Clean your closet. Get rid of some of the stuff in it. You can sell it, take it to a consignment shop, or donate them. Then you’ll have more space for newer clothes!
  13. Buy video games that have high replay value. Buy games that you can play over and over. Master it before buying a new one.
  14. Drink more water. This will make you eat less and digest better. Plus, this will also help you shed off those annoying extra pounds!
  15. Cut back on convenience foods. Simply and healthy home cooked meals are not only cheap; they are also healthy. Another way to lose weight!
  16. Give up expensive habits. Habits like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes will take your money away and give you nothing in return (that is, aside from possible illness).
  17. Quadruple your casserole recipe. Casseroles are nice and dishes to prepare. Make a big batch and freeze the leftovers for a quick meal.
  18. Turn off lights before leaving. The key here is to use less energy, especially when you are not using it. So spend a minute to check that all the lights in your home is turned off before leaving.
  19. Swap DVDs, music and books online. There are websites where you can cheaply swap and trade your media collection with others online.
  20. Maximize yard sales. You can get great stuff at great bargains. Stop by yard sales if you see them – you will never what you will find.
  21. Install CFL or LED bulbs. Yes, they will cost you more but that is only in the beginning. They eat less electricity and will last a long time so that’s a great investment right there.
  22. Install a programmable thermostat. During those times that you are not at home, program it so that cooling or heating is turned off.
  23. Buy appliances based on reliability. Research on appliances and pick the most efficient and reliable ones, and not because it is cheap.
  24. Clean your car’s air filter. This will improve your gas mileage by up to 7%. Plus, this is very easy – consult your owner’s manual to know how.
  25. Hide your credit cards. Do not put them in your wallet but in a safe place in your home so you are not tempted to reach out for them when you are in the store.
  26. Plan your meals around the store flyer. Look for the food items that are on sale in your grocery store flyer and create your meal plans from them.
  27. Find a cheaper grocery store. Find a cheaper grocery store. Check out the price of one product in a variety of stores and pick the one that sells it the cheapest.
  28. Make your own things. Try making your own bread. It is cheaper and healthier than having to buy from the store all the time.
  29. Do not spend just to de-stress. Instead of going to the parlor or spa, go home for some quiet time and meditate. Try doing yoga or stretching at home.
  30. Talk about your dreams. This is rather odd but talking about your dreams  (especially with your loved ones) makes it easier for you to plan and work it out.
  31. Maintain your appliances. Ensure that they are clean and are free from dust. Dust can block these devices and make them less efficient.
  32. Cancel unused club memberships. Stop paying the dues of clubs that you never use. Cancel them. You can always renew your membership when you need them.
  33. Shop for used. Buying used items from equipment stores and consignment stores can save you money rather than buying a new one.
  34. Keep your hands clean. This is the number one way to spare yourself from diseases (and those hefty hospital bills).
  35. Remove credit card numbers from your online accounts. So if you want to buy something one, you will be forced to dig out your credit card.
  36. Give a gift of service. Rather than giving an item, consider giving a service like babysitting, pet sitting, or lawn care.
  37. Do holiday shopping after the holidays. Wait two days after a holiday then shop for the items that you need for the next year. Everything will be much cheaper.
  38. Join a volunteer program. You can meet new people, get involved in a positive project and get some exercise – all without having to spend a dime.
  39. Reevaluate the things in your house. Take a look at each of the items in your home. If it does not have that much of a value, get rid of it.
  40. Try generic brands. You might discover that the store brand is just as good as the name brand. Plus, it can significantly reduce your grocery bill.
  41. Prepare meals at home. Get a cookbook and whip up your meals at home. They are cheaper and way healthier than dining out or take out.
  42. Switch to term life insurance. Keep this in mind: insurance is not an investment. Use the difference in cost to pay your debts and build wealth.
  43. Go for fuel-efficiency and reliability when buying a car. This will save you thousands over the long run. Do the research – it will pay off for you. Trust me.
  44. Do not go to stores for entertainment. Doing so will only encourage you to buy things that you do not need with money that you do not really have.
  45. Master the 10-second rule. When you pick an item to buy, stop for 10 seconds and ask why you are buying it and what you need it for.
  46. Rent out unused space in your home. If you have an extra bedroom that no one uses, rent it out. You can even rent out your basement. This could bring in a lot of extra money.
  47. Get rid of unread magazine subscriptions. Call their subscription and cancel for a refund. They will most likely give you a prorated amount back.
  48. Eat breakfast. This will give you energy for the entire day and decrease your desire to get a big meal come lunchtime.
  49. Swap babysitting with neighbors. Find a set of parents or two that you trust and swap nights babysitting with them.
  50. Do not fear leftovers. Jazz up your leftovers to make them look appealing and tasty. You can potentially end up with some delicious and surprising in the end.
Obviously, now that you have gone through the list, you should have realized that you cannot apply all the tips to yourself. But go through the list (go on, do it now) and pick out 5 or 10 that do apply then use them. In no time, you will find yourself saving from things that you never thought were once possible.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Flooded Jakarta Braces for More Downpours

World :A state of emergency has been declared immediately after weighty rains have paralyzed a lot of the Indonesian money, Jakarta. Hundreds happen to be evacuated from their homes as the town braces itself for continued monsoon downpours above the coming days.

Floods are almost an everyday occurrence in Jakarta’s wet period.

But this week’s monsoon rains have already been the fiercest the money has noticed in several years.

Torrential downpours and overflowing rivers have compelled greater than eighteen, 000 people to evacuate their houses and remaining greater than eleven individuals

In the worst-hit places, the water is a lot more than chin large. Folks happen to be forced to evacuate their houses on makeshift rafts and rubber boats.

Yesterday’s alleys and streets are actually murky brown rivers strewn with rubbish and home objects.

"I have previously evacuated my residence and assisted my mother and father to evacuate. The floodwaters have been as much as four meters substantial at our property," states Ardy, "a resident of Kampung Melayu in South Jakarta."

Ardy suggests that over two, five hundred men and women from his neighborhood have been camped out inside the local mosque for a few times now. He states they're in desperate need to have of foodstuff, water and clear outfits, and he's nervous they're going to get ill.

Ardy’s community is located on the now-overflowing Ciliwung River, exactly where severe floods usually are not strange.

But it’s not only Jakarta’s poorest riverside neighborhoods that happen to be underwater.

Even the president was wading through knee-high water at the state palace.

Floods, blackouts, gridlock and the shutdown of public transport have crippled typical activities in the center of Southeast Asia’s biggest
economic climate.

Newly elected Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has declared a state of emergency until January 27.

The Jakarta governor states he is devoted to creating a breakthrough, not merely a little effort to mitigate the flood difficulty. And he indicates the necessity to create an enormous dam within the capital town.

A lot of say this year’s floods may be worse than 2007, when over half of the town was submerged and even more than three hundred, 000 folks had been displaced.

Authorities say the hefty rains are anticipated to carry on.

Residents have been suggested to remain at home, minimize electrical energy use instead of stockpile fundamental commodities.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Five Type of Shoes Every Man Should Have

Men love stylish shoes that are aesthetically satisfying even if it means spending a couple of hundred of dollars. The relationship between men and shoes is masculine. Shoes are seen as the epitome of strength and boldness. What conjures in your mind when you come across the term moccasin? To me, it is the rich heritage of shoes and the artistry that has been bestowed upon the male species. To bring out the fairer sex in you, there are shoes that you should have in your wardrobe. Only then can you dine from the table of men.
Patent leather
The brand has been with the men folk since 1818. It has been passed to us by our forefathers as a gift to be immortalized. It is subtle yet classy. A merger of two worlds you would say. What makes it stand out is the soft glossy surface and the exceptional shine. You can wear it in any occasion. It can be anything from a job interview to an evening date. When paired with jeans, patent leather produces a romantic quality. Patent leather is easy to maintain just like any other leather shoe. Use the correct polish and brush and avoid creasing as it interferes with the smooth lining.
Dress boots
It has nothing to do with the dress. They are usually ankle long and blend well with formal wear. Just like high heels on women, dress boots are known to elevate confidence in men. If you want to feel empowered and in control, this is a shoe that you might want to include in your collection. They come in a variety of colors and design but they till remain the same old dress boots. Next time you get your hands on that shoe buy coupon, make use you use it wisely.
Penny Loafers
Penny loafers are multipurpose shoes and can be worn in any occasion. You should however exercise caution when it comes to choosing color. Black penny loafers can be worn with any color of attire apart from brown. Brown penny loafers can be worn with any attire apart from black. With penny loafers, you may be tempted to wear them without socks. You should put them on as a matter of personal hygiene.
They are purely for formal functions. With their aesthetically satisfying grandeur, you will want to put them on even when you are going to sleep. If you have a classy and a sharp fashion sense, then this is the shoe for you. They will require some work when it comes to maintenance, but the shoe is worth every bit of effort.
It is conventional wisdom that every man should have at least one pair of sandals. Sandals come in handy especially during the summer. They are comfortable and they give your feet ample breathing space. If you have any foot problem sandals are just the perfect recommendation. Flat sandals are comfortable and do not inhibit movement.
Every man should have at least five pair of shoes excluding the training shoes. The shoe is a part of grooming and just like your attire; it speaks volumes about you and your personality. First impressions last and you should make a good one at that. Investing in quality shoe buy will ensure that you have a good first impression.
Author Bio:-
                    Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for top 10 world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest world news. He is writing from last three years.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

They See Me Rolling - Cruise Control to a Classy Car

When you are travelling between destinations, chances are your attention is on the terrible driver in front, or the person driving too close behind you.  In the meantime, passers-by and other road users will have the opportunity to check out the condition of your car.

Under Pressure

Taking care of your car is imperative if you want to keep it running like clockwork, as well as keeping up appearances.  Choosing your car and purchasing it will seem fairly easy when compared with the day-to-day running and up keep of the vehicle.  Maintaining your car properly can give it a longer lease of life and also make travelling in it a lot safer.  Make sure you keep up with your services, ensuring that everything is running as it should be and fixing anything that is not.  This can be topped up by checking the transmission fluid levels at home.  The oil level should also be checked on a regular basis, making sure that it is not dangerously low.  Furthermore, the wheels of your vehicle get you where you want to go, so checking them really does make a lot of sense.  Tyre pressures, when incorrect, can cause an additional build up of heat in the tyres, therefore meaning that fuel economy will be less and the handling less predictable.  This makes it even more imperative that tyre pressures should be checked, so add it to your growing checklist.

Iron Man

One well-known method of maintenance is keeping your car clean, preventing rust if possible.  Waxing is one method which means your vehicle retains a shiny appearance.  If you want to keep your car free of rust, there a few handy tips that can help to achieve this.  Washing your car every couple of weeks can prove a massive aid, as can clearing up any split drinks or food stuffs, which can start the process of rusting from the inside of the car.  Salt can also mean that your car becomes rusty at a speedier rate, so take extra care when it comes to cleanliness if you live near the sea, or when there is salt on the roads.  If your vehicle is particularly exposed to rust, due to a salty climate or the fact that other preventative methods are not working, then turn towards rust proofing products.  Sprays and lubricants can prove handy weapons in the fight against rust when necessary.  Wax and oil products should also be an integral part of your rust prevention arsenal.   Cavity waxes penetrate into crevices and gaps, meaning that they are able to prevent corrosion in the future.  Under-body waxes which are both solvent and water based are also on the market.  With so many choices available, there is no excuse not to keep your car shipshape and rust free.

You Scrub Up Well

As well as the outside of your car, keeping the inside clean makes for a comfortable ride for yourself and any passengers fortunate enough to travel with you.  Going to a valet is always an option if you feel like splashing out, but there are bits and pieces that can be done at home if you need to save a few pennies.  Get rid of any rubbish as it appears, so that you are not wading knee deep through food packets and drinks cartons to get to the wheel.  You need to be able to see out of the windscreen after all.  Keep a cloth in the car so that if there are any spontaneous spills, they can be mopped up quickly.  Finally, do not forget to enjoy your spectacularly clean car and have an enjoyable drive, despite the annoying driver up ahead.

Author Bio:-
                       Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for top 10 world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest world news. He is writing from last three years.

Facebook Hold A Major Press Event on Tuesday About New Facebook Phone or Mobile OS

As reported, Facebook is inviting global presses to hold a press event on Tuesday while an event in London is running simultaneously. This Tuesday event has been considered to be a major press event from Facebook, and some important things might be brought out. In the past few months, one of the most popular anticipations about Facebook is Facebook phone. The rumors about Facebook phone has been starting early from 2010. Now, a Facebook phone based on Mozilla Firefox OS has been hotly rumored.  Thus, it is quite reasonable for people to believe that the Facebook Tuesday event is most possibly to be something related with Facebook phone.

But there’s also a question that the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has constantly denied the existence of a Facebook phone so many. Therefore, the Tuesday press event is also possible to be something else. There also is some guess that what Facebook will show off on Tuesday would be mobile phone ecosystem like a Facebook mobile OS, but not an actual phone. This also seems to be reasonable.
However, according to the latest reports, another possibility arouses. There’s been report that the Tuesday press event would be nothing related to mobile phone and operating system, but a Facebook Messenger app for Apple iPad, which will include features like emoticons, the ability to share photos, location tagging, group messaging, and receipt reading. The new voice recording messaging feature that has been available for the Apple iPhone will also be part of the new app. Though this report would be greatly welcomed by iPad users, this alone is not a big enough deal to warrant a major press event for Facebook. So perhaps we will still see that Facebook phone or Facebook mobile OS.
 Author Bio:- Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for the world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest world news. He is writing from last three years.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

.gif Workshop w/ Alfredo Salazar-Caro

In the past two decades, many artists have adopted the internet as a medium of expression. Amongst the many tendrils of the internet, animated gifs seem to be a favorite among artists. With the charm of cinema or kinetic sculpture, less than the brevity of a youtube video and the happy, throw-away feeling of a .jpeg, the animated .gif is truyly a well-balanced medium for expression.

However, much mystery still shrouds this seemingly new outlet for artists.

In this brief workshop, Alfredo Salazar-Caro – a Chicago based multimedia artist and part of Chicago’s “Dirty New Media” scene – will offer a brief history of the .gif as well as various techniques to create and propagate this fresh format or art.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday, January 16th at 6:30PM. If you would like to participate and utilize the instructions in real-time, please bring a laptop with Photoshop (CS4 or higher) installed.

Author Bio:-

Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for the world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest world news. He is writing from last three years.

6 Unique Tips for Using Google+ for Marketing

By reading these six tips for using Google+ for marketing the hope is that you will then be able to really take advantage of a fantastic social network community and increase the amount of online exposure that you are currently getting. Google+ is an online network that is certainly making waves on the internet and if you are not on it, then you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity, so do read on to see how you can really take advantage of it.

1. Use Google+ hangout areas to increase brand awareness

It is certainly a good idea for you to spend more time on Google+ than you may originally think and the best place to spend your time are in the hangout areas. This will give you the perfect opportunity to talk to potential new customers as long as you spend the time finding out where they spend their time, so do your research and get chatting to them normally as they will undoubtedly then go and check out what you could potentially offer them and this may lead to them becoming a new customer.

 2. Use Google+ as your market research tool

No matter the size of your business everybody knows the importance of market research and Google+ can play an important role when it comes to learning what your customers like about you and also things that they would want to see changed. Set up alerts so that when somebody posts about something that is related to what you do you can then talk to them and do your research into what they expect and you can then start to create the perfect Google+ profile for your customers.

3. Make sure your profile is full of information and using images

Marketing on Google+ becomes a lot easier when your profile has a lot of information and photographs on it as this does attract people and they will then spend a lot of time reading about you and, hopefully, turn into a new customer. Do remember to use photographs in order to illustrate points or to promote services and products as images are seen as being more effective than words when it comes to capturing their attention.

4. Let the world know about your profile

Do make sure that you actively promote your profile away from the site itself as this is going to draw more people to it than you would achieve if it just involved people already on the network. People do this with their Facebook profile as well as Twitter so it does make perfect sense to also do it with Google+.

5. Never just post for the sake of it

One major thing that you should avoid is posting just for the sake of it as you need to make sure that everything you put on your profile is going to be useful to everybody that then reads it. By keeping it interesting, and keeping the boring stuff to a minimum, then people will be far more likely to follow you and you then have the chance to turn them into a customer. If you bore them in social networking circles, then it is a missed opportunity and the chances of them ever being a customer will be very slim indeed.

6. Use video to your advantage

Google loves video and through Google+ you can actually have live video stream where you can invite ten people to join you and this will then turn into a wonderful marketing opportunity as you can then really sell your business to them face to face and answer any questions that they may have. People are undoubtedly drawn to video and it is an extremely effective way of marketing that is simply not being used by that many people, so by being one of the first to do so you can stand out from the crowd and you will certainly then become memorable.

So these are the six tips for using Google+ for marketing and all that is left for you to do is to put them into action by setting up your profile and start marketing. This is a social network that is only going to grow due to it having the might of Google behind it and the chances are that your competition is going to be on there already, so can you afford to miss out when they are using it and stealing some of your limelight?

Author Bio:-
Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest news. He is writing from last three years.

Office printer security

Early printers had a simple function; they turned soft copy into hard copies. Because of this, even as modern manufacturers enable more and more advanced features, people rarely consider print machines as a potential security liability. But with office workers routinely using company machines to print documents with sensitive information, and the prevalence of storage and networking options, printer security has evolved as a real issue which business owners need to address.

What Can Happen?

Many printers these days are like a mini-computing system with hard drives and operating systems and web interfaces. That means that like computers they can be hacked for stored data and are more vulnerable to unauthorized access than actual company computers. Also, a person can simply pick up a document from the printer, especially as printing this days does not require proximity.

More and more printers these days have Internet access, and that in itself is a potential hot spot for security breaches. An unsecured printer can be used to re-route documents, access copies on the printer hard drive, or wipe out data and settings on the printer network. This makes it possible to steal documents or change them before them getting to their destination, which poses a problem for any business.

How to Secure a Printer

A printer can be secured with software, but there are physical ways to keep your documents from being accessed by unauthorized people too.

  • Strategic Location
Placing printers in places where they are easily visible and can be monitored more effectively helps lower the chances that they would be tampered with, or that documents would stolen as they are printed.
  • Designated Printers
Separating printers that can be used with regular documents and printers that are routinely used for sensitive information is helpful. Then a fewer number of printers would have access to important business data. This allows the business to eliminate unnecessary security resources on shared printers and concentrate on tight protection of those which print sensitive documents and data.
  • PINs and Passwords
Password-protecting a printer is a smart idea. Many printers manufactured for business and enterprise purposes have advanced control panel functions that can be set to prevent others from accessing the settings and changing them. Printers that require a user to provide identification, like PINs and passwords, are much more secure than others.
  • Securing Network Traffic
A determined individual can get past a password, so layer your printer defences. A printer that is connected to the Internet should have some way to regulate Web access. There are ways of encrypting a print server connection. You can always access a print server though SSL or SSH encrypted connections. Not all printers have these options, so check if the printer you are buying has encryption and web security options.
Another way to strengthen Web security for your printer is limiting the people that can access the printer via the Internet. If a printer supports Access Control Lists (ACL) then it is possible for a business to do this. Of course, making the company firewalls cover the servers or web connections for printers is another way to secure company data.
  • Upgrades and Updates
Upgrades and updates to printer software and firmware keeps the printer secure by adding new security or improving safety features. Software evolves all the time, and many companies send out software patches from time to time to take care of various security flaws or other issues that are discovered.
Don’t let your office printers become too outdated; there are better and more secure options every five or ten years or so. When it comes time to get rid of an old printer, make sure to wipe or remove the storage drives to ensure that company data is not getting into unsecured hands.

Author Bio:-

Rocky Pooh is a University Lecturer and content writer for world news. He loves to write on technical topics like the latest news. He is writing from last three years.