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Five Type of Shoes Every Man Should Have

Men love stylish shoes that are aesthetically satisfying even if it means spending a couple of hundred of dollars. The relationship between men and shoes is masculine. Shoes are seen as the epitome of strength and boldness. What conjures in your mind when you come across the term moccasin? To me, it is the rich heritage of shoes and the artistry that has been bestowed upon the male species. To bring out the fairer sex in you, there are shoes that you should have in your wardrobe. Only then can you dine from the table of men.
Patent leather
The brand has been with the men folk since 1818. It has been passed to us by our forefathers as a gift to be immortalized. It is subtle yet classy. A merger of two worlds you would say. What makes it stand out is the soft glossy surface and the exceptional shine. You can wear it in any occasion. It can be anything from a job interview to an evening date. When paired with jeans, patent leather produces a romantic quality. Patent leather is easy to maintain just like any other leather shoe. Use the correct polish and brush and avoid creasing as it interferes with the smooth lining.
Dress boots
It has nothing to do with the dress. They are usually ankle long and blend well with formal wear. Just like high heels on women, dress boots are known to elevate confidence in men. If you want to feel empowered and in control, this is a shoe that you might want to include in your collection. They come in a variety of colors and design but they till remain the same old dress boots. Next time you get your hands on that shoe buy coupon, make use you use it wisely.
Penny Loafers
Penny loafers are multipurpose shoes and can be worn in any occasion. You should however exercise caution when it comes to choosing color. Black penny loafers can be worn with any color of attire apart from brown. Brown penny loafers can be worn with any attire apart from black. With penny loafers, you may be tempted to wear them without socks. You should put them on as a matter of personal hygiene.
They are purely for formal functions. With their aesthetically satisfying grandeur, you will want to put them on even when you are going to sleep. If you have a classy and a sharp fashion sense, then this is the shoe for you. They will require some work when it comes to maintenance, but the shoe is worth every bit of effort.
It is conventional wisdom that every man should have at least one pair of sandals. Sandals come in handy especially during the summer. They are comfortable and they give your feet ample breathing space. If you have any foot problem sandals are just the perfect recommendation. Flat sandals are comfortable and do not inhibit movement.
Every man should have at least five pair of shoes excluding the training shoes. The shoe is a part of grooming and just like your attire; it speaks volumes about you and your personality. First impressions last and you should make a good one at that. Investing in quality shoe buy will ensure that you have a good first impression.
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