Tuesday, 15 January 2013

They See Me Rolling - Cruise Control to a Classy Car

When you are travelling between destinations, chances are your attention is on the terrible driver in front, or the person driving too close behind you.  In the meantime, passers-by and other road users will have the opportunity to check out the condition of your car.

Under Pressure

Taking care of your car is imperative if you want to keep it running like clockwork, as well as keeping up appearances.  Choosing your car and purchasing it will seem fairly easy when compared with the day-to-day running and up keep of the vehicle.  Maintaining your car properly can give it a longer lease of life and also make travelling in it a lot safer.  Make sure you keep up with your services, ensuring that everything is running as it should be and fixing anything that is not.  This can be topped up by checking the transmission fluid levels at home.  The oil level should also be checked on a regular basis, making sure that it is not dangerously low.  Furthermore, the wheels of your vehicle get you where you want to go, so checking them really does make a lot of sense.  Tyre pressures, when incorrect, can cause an additional build up of heat in the tyres, therefore meaning that fuel economy will be less and the handling less predictable.  This makes it even more imperative that tyre pressures should be checked, so add it to your growing checklist.

Iron Man

One well-known method of maintenance is keeping your car clean, preventing rust if possible.  Waxing is one method which means your vehicle retains a shiny appearance.  If you want to keep your car free of rust, there a few handy tips that can help to achieve this.  Washing your car every couple of weeks can prove a massive aid, as can clearing up any split drinks or food stuffs, which can start the process of rusting from the inside of the car.  Salt can also mean that your car becomes rusty at a speedier rate, so take extra care when it comes to cleanliness if you live near the sea, or when there is salt on the roads.  If your vehicle is particularly exposed to rust, due to a salty climate or the fact that other preventative methods are not working, then turn towards rust proofing products.  Sprays and lubricants can prove handy weapons in the fight against rust when necessary.  Wax and oil products should also be an integral part of your rust prevention arsenal.   Cavity waxes penetrate into crevices and gaps, meaning that they are able to prevent corrosion in the future.  Under-body waxes which are both solvent and water based are also on the market.  With so many choices available, there is no excuse not to keep your car shipshape and rust free.

You Scrub Up Well

As well as the outside of your car, keeping the inside clean makes for a comfortable ride for yourself and any passengers fortunate enough to travel with you.  Going to a valet is always an option if you feel like splashing out, but there are bits and pieces that can be done at home if you need to save a few pennies.  Get rid of any rubbish as it appears, so that you are not wading knee deep through food packets and drinks cartons to get to the wheel.  You need to be able to see out of the windscreen after all.  Keep a cloth in the car so that if there are any spontaneous spills, they can be mopped up quickly.  Finally, do not forget to enjoy your spectacularly clean car and have an enjoyable drive, despite the annoying driver up ahead.

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