Wednesday, 27 February 2013

HTC Hong Kong General Manager Laborer Material Burst

HTC MWC 2013 this year fully committed to the promotion of a new HTC One phone, we can see that HTC will continue as the main strategy to launch a boutique mobile phone in Hong Kong and Macau, HTC, general manager, Mr. Lu Jiansheng, met with reporters at the venue, Ben, and around the new HTC One phone, a simple visit.

Reporter Hutchison
Mr. Lu Jiansheng Lu

Hutchison: HTC online have different titles, including The New HTC One of New HTC One and the new HTC One, that the correct name of the product should be what is it?

Lu: In fact, I'm also slightly smell of this different call happens, but the official name of HTC One is, because it is a completely new product, so I hope you call it as a brand new HTC One.

Reporter: When did you contact the new HTC One, it also how they felt?

LU: Actually, I have used the new HTC One generally quite a long time, initially started feeling the aircraft into line over the years, I design the best mobile phone products. The new HTC One to build the fuselage of an aluminum metal and machine strap curved, so handheld Sculpted am now you try to get started, can feel the quality feel of the new HTC One. New HTC One, HTC also the most high-end specifications such as 4.7-inch screen DPI is 468, has surpassed the Iphone 5 Retina screen series, and of our HTC also sound quality the very good Boom Sound stereo speakers, as well as the new technology the Ultra Pixel camera, which can be said to be the brainchild of the of HTC research and development for many years.

New HTC One main three functions

Reporter: the brand new the HTC One Ultra Pixel camera pixels of only 4 million, can cause difficulties for sales?

Lu: I did not contact the photography, but also that the higher the pixels the better, but the discovery after studying photography is a misunderstanding, due to the limited size of the photosensitive element of the phone, we increase the size of the image point, but the effect when shooting in low-light environments better, so we sell new HTC One stressed that this is Ultra Pixel camera. Now popular high-definition TV and mobile phone screens are about 2 million pixels, users share your work on the big screen, has been very adequate. Brand new HTCOne 400-megapixel photo print 8 "X 10", the effect is also very good and high quality 40 megapixel photos, the new HTC One should be able to meet the needs of most users.

Moreover HTC Zoe Dynamic Photo function, many users are like shooting food, imagine a simple way, photographed since chopsticks "photo shoot food more thought than the average, while Zoe Dynamic Photo function the concept of innovation, waiting for everyone to go to the hair slowly digging its interesting shooting scene.

The Reporter: the new HTC One Blink Feed Will has local content?

Lu: everyone can rest assured, HTC Blink Feed local content, such as Apple Action News TVB News can be used in Blink Feed, we can also add social networking in Blink Feed, so that we can immediately know the current situation of the Friends hope we wait, we will add more content, but has not yet officially announced Blink Feed.


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