Friday, 4 May 2012

Russia Offers Pyramid Radar for Missile Defense

Russia could offer use of its massive Don-2NP radar system close to Moscow as part of an agreement with NATO on a European missile defense plan to counter medium and long-range missiles, Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Friday.

"If we get an agreement with NATO and the U.S., then the Don-2 can be part with the potential system which might be used against potential medium and long-range missile threats," Antonov mentioned, during a visit towards the facility at Sofrino, Moscow Area, by participants inside a missile defense conference in Moscow.

Antonov stressed that talks were not currently underway on how the radar could possibly be used.

"We are talking about demonstrating in practice, in reality, the elements of our aerospace defense, which we have at this time in Russia and how we are ready for cooperation," Antonov said.

"This station is a working part of the air defense chain defending our country," he added.

The Don-2 radar, known to U.S. arms control negotiators in the 1980's as the "pyramid" and to NATO as Pill Box, was put into operation around 1989, and was the centerpiece from the USSR's anti-missile defense system. The 100-meter square, 45 meter high phased-array radar, with 360 degree coverage, could detect small objects in space, and was linked to interceptor missiles.

Russia is pleased with the results of your three-day missile defense conference which has been taking spot in Moscow, he mentioned.

"We are pleased together with the results," he said. "We assembled here rather lot experts from a broad background, from NATO, OSCE, the CIS, and academics. We had interesting and useful discussions."

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