Thursday, 15 March 2012

John Carter Disney Movie Trailer and Review

John Carter is usually a 2012 adventure film from Walt Disney Studios. It can be based from the "Barsoom" series created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early 20th Century. The film, directed by Andrew Stanton, follows actor Taylor Kitsch inside the titular role as John Carter, an American Civil War Captain who, after being chased through a desert by indigenous peoples, is transported towards the planet Mars ("Barsoom"). On the planet, John Carter is drawn into a waging war between three different alien races. Will John Carter stay and fight? You need to watch the film to learn.

Now this movie has been doing development hell for a long time (since 1931) and after these 81 years later we finally get to see the influential hero generally known as John Carter hit the theatre screen. And was it well worth the wait? Yes, in most cases. There is a lot that was done right on this film. To begin with, the scope of the film is magnificent.
The film is grand and rich so it makes you because the audience fell as though you might be actually for this fun adventure with John Carter. Although we’ve yet to read the novels (I anticipate reading them eventually) I imagine that this is one way readers pictured the style of the globe. Also i loved Michael Giacchino's score with the film. It brought a big sense of wonder and excitement on the film. It keeps you on edge in the jaw dropping fight sequences also it keeps you in awe throughout the beautiful shots in the planet Barsoom. While we're talking about the action, the action set pieces were fantastic besides.

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