Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Teen killed by police

The family of a young man killed by police in Hawke's Bay last year want answers as to why it appears the teen was shot 13 times.
Police say Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, was shot after he fired a shotgun in Fernhill, about 18 kilometres south-west of Napier.
A year on from Kelly-Tumarae's death, his bullet-riddled clothing is raising more questions.
The clothing was given to the family in December, who claims there are seven bullet holes in his trousers, five in his t-shirt and one in his shoe.
The teen's grandmother, Narina Tumarae, called the police "mongrels" and said no one could have survived that sort of gun fire.
"They must've really mangled him. It's like he was hit and hit and hit,"
Detective Superintendent Andy Lovelock said he cannot say how many shots were fired because the information needs to be kept until it is referred to the coroner.
"Clearly a number of shots have been fired," he told Close Up.
"There are not 13 bullet holes in his clothing. There is one bullet hole in the clothing which is linked to a shot that hit Lachan in the abdomen, and that's the only one that is linked to a bullet penetration."
The day after the shooting, police said Kelly-Tumarae shot at them first. Twenty-four hours later, they would only say he discharged his weapon.
The Tumarae family says he did not fire at police. They say the shotgun went off while he was still in the car, leaving a hole the passenger-side foot-well.

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