Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Colombia's Farc Rebels Release Hostages

Colombia's Farc rebels have released their final 10 police and military hostages - a few of whom have put in 14 years in captivity.

They were collected in the jungle by a Brazilian army helicopter and flown to security.
President Juan Manuel Santos welcomed the releases but mentioned they had been "not enough" to open immediate peace talks.
Farc is combating Colombia's federal government for 5 a long time, producing it Latin America's oldest insurgency.
The rebels, that have lost floor in current years, are still holding an unknown variety of civilian’s hostage.
Television photographs confirmed the former hostages waving and punching the air because they got off the helicopter in the city of Villavicencio, where they were welcomed by their family members and provided healthcare checks before becoming flown on to the capital, Bogota.
Some emerged with their pets, which integrated a peccary - a sort of wild pig - plus a monkey.
"Welcome to liberty, soldiers and policemen of Colombia," Mr. Santos stated at the presidential palace.
"Freedom is a lot delayed but now it is actually yours, to the delight from the whole nation."
But he warned that until all hostages were freed, his federal government would proceed its coverage of confronting armed teams.

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