Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rare White Orca Whale Visit Alaska, too

Scientists have noticed a particularly rare all-white adult orca off Russia's coast and therefore are wondering if it's the identical bestial photographed by experts in Alaska in 2000 and 2008 - or if there's much more than one particular.
On a sparkling summer morning in 2010, a group of Russian experts working near the Kamchatka Peninsula spied a big swimming ghost: an exceedingly uncommon, all-white killer whale, diving and surfacing as a part of a normal orca pod.
"It was startling to determine this 2-meter-high white dorsal bout shooting up amongst another killer whales," said Erich Hoyt, who oversees the Russian whale-research team that declared the 2-year-old sighting this week by releasing photographs and video. "It requires your breath absent."
But it wasn't the very first time this kind of a creature created waves. In 2000, a University of Washington seabird ecologist trailed and photographed an all-white grownup orca for any half-hour off Alaska's central Aleutian Islands. Eight a long time later on, a whale biologist photographed the exact same bestial, figuring out it by a shark-bite scar and telltale ripples on its bout.

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